This I Believe

Patrick - Boise, Idaho
Entered on March 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: illness

“This I believe”

It may seem like this belief is somewhat generic, but to me it is not. My belief is, “Don’t Let Life Pull You Down”.

I think that this is one of those beliefs that is hard to hold up, because some days it may seem like you, and only you, are having the worst day ever, but in actuality people all over the world are having the same day as you or an even worse day. You could even know someone who is affected by the same problem as you, but they are out living their life to the fullest and you would not guess that they had a problem at all.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy. At first all I heard was the doctor telling me all the things I could not do, and this was all that I could dwell on for a long time. After a while my parents began to help me begin to see this large hurdle in my life as a gift, not necessarily a gift that I had always dreamed of, but a gift that would help make me a stronger individual and a stronger role model for others and myself. Sometimes my parents make me feel like it is my responsibility to try and tell people about my epilepsy, but sometimes I feel like it is to hard or it is just an awkward topic to bring up in a conversation with friends.

Control, it may seem like a word that is used to describe people, but in my case it seems that the epilepsy is controlling my life. I know that it is not actually controlling my life, but on some days and some occasions it does seem that way. I feel this way especially when I cannot participate in something that I had been planning on doing for a couple of months or when I am limited in certain things. For example I have to be seizure free for six months until I can eve take drivers education in Idaho, I cannot not stay up too late, and for most teenagers this would be a dream, but I also cannot wake up too early.

I guess what I am trying to say try to let life take you on your own ride, because sometimes you could get a blessing in disguise and be able to help others, just as you once needed and wanted help yourself.