You Choose your Future

Mikhaila - Bend, Oregon
Entered on March 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose, setbacks

What do you want to be when you grow up?

That is the question that your kindergarten teacher asks you the first day of school. Many children choose wild and fantastic futures and never end up living those dreams in the long run. I believe that you have the ability to choose your future.

It was very apparent what I wanted to be as a young child; an astronaut. There are stories about me running around the house with my arms spread out, making plane noises. Some people said it was just a wild dream and that only a few people out of a thousand can become an astronaut, but I knew I could do it; I knew I could make the right decisions in life to do it.

Now, at age 14, I am still working for that dream, working hard at math and science in school. When people hear what I want to be, they question me asking, “So do you still want to be an astronaut?” I answer, “of course, why else would I tell you I want to be an astronaut.”

For me to become an astronaut, I have to make the right choices in life to reach my goal. Each choice leads to the next and ultimately will lead to the final destination. It’s not always easy to “choose the right thing” in life, you go through trials and hardships and may have many obstacles that make that future disappear. But if you make the right decisions during those hard times, you can do anything with your future.

I have had to make some hard decisions in life that seemed like if I chose the wrong thing, I will never become an astronaut. One of these times was when my parents were getting divorced. This experience changed my life forever, teaching me how to be more responsible in life and eventually, how to choose the right spouse myself when it is time. I didn’t only learn how to be mature, but how to choose my future.

While my parents dealt with financial issues, I had to deal with choosing my future. In other words, I had to choose which parent to live with which is a hard decision to make. My parents tore me apart, I couldn’t decide which parent to live with, and I loved both of them so much! It was then that I thought about the future I had chosen when I was a little kid to be an astronaut. And then I knew which parent to live with: my dad. Why? To me, he was the best choice to reach my goal in life. He was the one who would support me most in my future and help me become an astronaut.

Like I said before, each decision in life leads to the next and ultimately to the bigger goal, even if you suffer hardships making it seem impossible to reach your goal. I believe that I have the ability to choose my future, and with that ability, I can do anything I want to, even become an astronaut.