American Dream

Katlynn - Owensboro, Kentucky
Entered on March 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality, sports

Sports are a big thing in most lives. Most kids that start out playing sports start usually at the age of three and continue until they’re about twenty-four. Every athlete enjoys fans cheering them on, but some sports don’t have a lot of fans like other popular sports. I believe that every sport should be recognized.

At my school we have Blue and Gold Day (our school colors). We have them to show support for sports. I think its nice to do that for the kids, but what I don’t like is that The Pep Club does it for basketball and football only. I think it’s kind of rude because these kids are taking time out of their life to represent the school and they don’t get paid back. Every time the basketball team or football team has a game, our school has a Blue and Gold Day; but if the track team goes to state, they just get left out. There are many other sports at our school and only two can get recognized! I think there are many things wrong with that.

If more sports like swimming, karate, and even the academic team were being recognized they would be more popular, and more kids would lose weight because they could find a sport they like. If this happens, our country’s pastime wouldn’t be just baseball, it could be a lot more…