That Humanity is our only true hope for the future…

Michael - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope, humanism

This I believe. That the advancement of humanity as a common goal is greater than the advancement of a nation. That the ideas of justice, liberty, and human rights are not slogans or good marketing but tangible and definable. That through the advancements made in media technology, first the telephone, then the radio, then the television, and then the internet we’ve evolved rapidly as a species mentally. We can now see, hear, and reach out to anyone, anywhere, anytime. I believe that this is our greatest strength as citizens of the world. We are the hinge that history will turn upon. A great door has been opened to us and now the world is right outside, a consensus of 6 billion people. But our institutions are still built on the idea of nation states, military, and finance. Humanity is not high on the list. This I believe to be a failure.

The things we face today are new and different. No longer are enemies defined by a flag and a border and a leader. The are individuals with and idea and a gun. I believe it takes a great deal of despair to make any human mind at peace with becoming a suicide bomber and we offer no hope when we attempt to communicate through force. I believe this war cannot be won with bullets and bombs, because where are you going to drop them, where are you going to shoot them? There is no army, there is no military, there are only individuals.

I believe this fight can only successfully be engaged by a path of seeking legitimate justice against these criminals. More violence on our behalf only increases their ideological strength. We must instead offer hope unlike we ever have done before. This I believe, that we must foster caring for our enemy. We must help the always present progressive part of any population that seeks self-determination and progressive politics, markets be damned. We must make it our goal to uplift the down-trodden with a legitimate hand, health care, food, education, shelter, and their right to not have the resources of their countries flow right through the pockets of the leaders and never trickled down to them.

This I believe, we must engage humanity as humanity. Otherwise, we are all in peril. We cannot reflect at all the characteristics of those who fight against us, or else we make ourselves just as bad as they say. Only by taking our enemy off guard and instead of offering bullets offering assistance will we prove ourselves better than them. We must not forget injustices done against us and we must seek out and prosecute the people for the international crimes that they commit and we must stop committing our own. This I believe is our only progressive hope for the future. Humanity. This I believe.