This I Believe

Joanna - Harlingen, Texas
Entered on March 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in revealing your life’s moments with your closest friends. I don’t know if this is true for everyone the way it has been for me but whenever something exciting happens to me I have the need to tell someone. It could just be because I’m a ‘girl’, but whether it’s something I bought yesterday or a new guy I met, I feel the need to share.

Friends, or should I say TRUE friends are there to listen and can help you when you need advice. Openness allows a more intimate connection. It is the most direct way of getting to know another. I can’t say I’d have as close the relationship I do with my best friends if it weren’t for this. Still, sharing isn’t only limited towards friends, if anything it is a way of meeting new people.

Sharing is a way of relieving built tension or excitement. Usually when I share I feel better. It’s a release that is comforting to the soul. Honestly, why do you think psychologists get paid so much?

Telling others about me or my experiences bridges a gap and creates a bond. Relaying these experiences and expressing their effect on me reveals the type of person that I am. It is my reactions to events that others realize as how they can relate. By opening up, people tend to open themselves up too. Through this communication I sense a level of comfort and ease between us. My displayed confidence in confiding in them builds trust in a way.

I am an advocate for good relations between people and I dread the day of electronic domination, for nothing can replace the comfort the human element provides. I am a people person.