The Way I Pay It Forward

Samantha - Gaylord, Michigan
Entered on March 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

By: Samantha Demaree

Once upon a time I didn’t have enough money to attend Acquire The Fire. I was very sad because it was $160 and there was no way that I could come up with it in the amount of time given. While I was complaining about my misfortune in Choir class, a fellow classmate heard me and went home and told her dad how she wished there was something she could do for me. Her dad, hearing that I couldn’t go to a Christian Worship Festival was sad that I would be missing out on my turn to speak with God. He took this sadness and turned it into happiness by telling me that he would like to pay my way to go to Acquire the Fire. I was ecstatic, I was going to be able to have a turn to unite with God with my friends and leaders around. He was going to pay for me out of the goodness of his heart, because he wanted to see me be with God.

I am so grateful that my friends’ father would do this for me, someone he barely knew. This random act of kindness inspired me to also be better to the people around me and they hopefully were inspired to do good for the other people around them. This concept is called “Pay It Forward”. The theory is that for every person you do something good for or have an act of kindness towards inspires three more people to also do good to others. In the end there will be a whole generation of people who do good towards all of the people around them.

Think about it, maybe you have seen someone in the immense world around you helping others with something they themselves couldn’t do. Didn’t that make you want to just be a better person and do good deeds towards others?

It is my dream that one day everyone will have one main goal in life. Not to better themselves but to help better others and that in itself will help them in life. By not looking for just yourself others do good things that help you in life.

In conclusion, I believe that if everyone in the world were to all be great people and do good things for the others around them then in the end they would get something good in return.