I Believe I caould conquer Fear

Giancarlo - Little Falls, New Jersey
Entered on March 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: fear

Giancarlo Medina #12

Miss. Lyons/8-3

I Believe Essay- Assignment

February 4, 2008

I Believe…

I believe if people conquer fear, they can do what ever they want. For example, yesterday, I took a risk, and landed the skateboard trick that I wanted to land so many times. I’ve taken a lot of risks in life, but this one really made me believe that I can become a pro skateboard, I know the only way I will ever fulfill my dream to become a pro skateboarder is if I take risks. You mostly are going to have to have no fear, but I also believe that you must have a major believe in luck in order to succeed in life.

Another time that I took a risk and really believe I can do whatever I want was when I jumped over two stairs with my skateboard. This really made me believe that if you have no fear you can do whatever, because I believe this made me jumped over this giant gap with my skateboard. In all of these stories I took a lot of risks and made it. But in one of my bad luck stories, I always got hit in the knee and in my knees nervous system with my skateboard, which hurt like I was in hell! I didn’t let this fall scare me away from skateboarding, however. That is why I believe that if you have no fear you can do whatever you want.