Like Everyone, Trust No One

Ashley - Little Falls, New Jersey
Entered on March 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe the quote, “Like everyone, but trust no one,” is true. Teenage girls can be manipulative, controlling, vicious, brutal, and will do anything for attention. I have been through so much drama in the past three years that I will carry it with me for the rest of my life. Girls don’t realize how much damage they can do to another girl’s life. There was a dreadful time in my life when all my friends turned their backs on me because of false rumors. It all started the night my best friend, Abby, asked me to join her at a basketball game, but I felt sick and wanted to stay home. Two hours later, Abby called me and sounded upset. She told me how all my friends (from my town and this other town) were talking bad about me. They were calling me names and making up stories about me. The two groups had always disliked each other and always put me in the middle. However, that night the one thing they had in common was a secret hate for me. It all began when my other best friend from my town, Lucy, wanted to sound cool and told the girls from the other town how I talk trash about them and say horrible things. Of course I never said those things because I would never betray any of my friends. After the girls from the different town heard the news, they were furious and lied to Lucy and my other friends from my town and told them I talk so much about them too! Which of course I didn’t! The two groups were furious at me for something I didn’t say and formed an Anti-Ashley club. Lucy called me and was calling me terrible names. I just sat there crying and confused. Luckily, Abby was at the game and told off the girls who were talking about me. A little while later, my phone rang. I picked it up and at first heard one voice. Then another one joined in until there were at least five voices all calling me a liar, backstabber, and a sneak. I was petrified, so I just stood there taking in everything they were saying. My mom then walked in and heard me crying so she took my phone from me and hung up. I cried in her arms and I told her everything that happened. My older cousin, Miranda, called me and told me she would stick up for me. It was a war. Miranda, Abby, and I against two towns of seventh and eighth graders. I was always known for being the weak one because I was nice and nice girls are prey.

For months, I was so lonely. I only had Miranda, Abby, and a few other friends. I did later make-up with all of my old friends from the incident because I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to argue. Abby is still my best friend, and I love her and Miranda for always being there for me. I may still like all of those girls, but I don’t trust any of them. I may walk around with them and go shopping with them, but I’m nothing like them. It has been one year since the incident and I do feel stronger and tougher. I feel that if I get into a situation like that again, I won’t need Abby or Miranda. Every time before I hang out with those girls, my mom tells me “like everyone, but trust no one,” and I say, “I know mom, I know”.