I Believe in Friendship

Ethan - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on March 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in friendship and their everlasting bonds. Ever since early childhood, I have made friends through family, school, or church. Many have come and gone since preschool, but I still keep in contact with so many of them. These friends ease my stressful days at school, go places with me, help me when I need help, make me happy when I am feeling glum, or are just there when I need to someone to talk to.

School gets to be quite a large load most of the time: the class work, the homework, the labs, the essays, the tests. I find myself confused or overburden with work sometimes and I need an escape from schoolwork. My friends are right there to talk to if I need help on the assignment or if I want to do something other than work. It is this escape that helps me to focus and release stress. Lunchtime is the best because all the workload can be dropped for a long period of time and my closest friends and I can just chat. My friends and I have a fantastic time sitting and laughing about anything. I probably happiest amongst those I can laugh with. I made such good friends through lunchtime in the science hallway. We sit in a hallway next to large floor-to-ceiling windows, right where it’s sunny and bright and where there are no crowds. Here we have the freedom to laugh, sing, and even dance if we want to. Nothing is more relaxing and heart-lifting than this environment. Sometimes on the weekends or after-school, we plan to go places, do things, and have just as much fun as we do at lunch.

It feels good to have a friend to talk to when I am in need of someone to talk to, someone to share my day with daily or someone to share my feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, or happiness with. My friend Ashley, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, has been my best and dearest friend ever since I can remember. The bond we shared was so close that when we were younger, we actually believed we were related. Now that we are older, we still share a brother-sister-like bond to this day and will hopefully continue throughout our lifetime. Our families have vacationed together, celebrated holidays together, and visited each other’s new houses. During those times, we have gone shopping, biking, and traveling (this past winter, we went to Keystone, Colorado to ski). One activity the kids now hold as tradition is making our own family movies. Ashley, her sister, my sister, and I share the greatest times.

Friendship is the best and strongest thing a person can have. I would not be the person I am today if I had no friends. Friends help me to feel smart, funny, helpful, intuitive, kind, confident, and needed. Friends can make all the difference is someone’s day or even their lifetime. That’s why I believe in friendship.