“ I believe all the problems can be an opportunity to mature personal growth”

esther - san ramon, California
Entered on March 10, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Negative circumstances can be an opportunity to grow.Many people understand the power of positive attidude. having a positive attitde attracts positive circumstances from life and can make our scistence far more trouble free and joyful. Yet if I encounter a real problem,how can a mere positive atitude hdlp me?My first observation is that a person with a truly positive attitdue sees serious problems not as negative circumstances, but as opportunities and positive ways to learn and mature.

Because of my inability to fully comprehend the experience, I labeled it as “nagative”. However I believe that on a deeper level this was a indirect way to further my personal growth. Perceiving negative circumstances as a potential positive growth opportunity offers me peace, and allows me to solve problems I encounter in a fresh way.

My one painful experience made me realixe my belief. When I was in elementary school I had to sutdy piano in England for four years. I practiced piano over ten hours a day. It was a horible ecperence for me. I was yougn, there were many things I wished to experience, but I felt trapped in a room alone, and forced to play the piano. However I always maintained the belief that this period of learning piano presented is self as another opportunity for personal growth.. I thought so many times:”why di I have to be here in London rather than my beloved country, spending all my valuable time playing the most boring songs int the world?”. I liked playing the piano, but I didn’t want to play exactly the same as music notes written. I liked to compose my own creative music notes. In addition, I wanted to ply the piano for childrean, as well as comppose songs for the childrean. This period of learning piano gave me invaluable time to think about what I really wanted to do in the future, rather than becoming pianist, which what my parents tried to impose on me.

There are few ways to use problems to my advantage, which is creating possible solutions. After I realize real problem, I think about the possible solution. I don’t limit myself to nly one or two solutions. I have a pen and paper and write down everything I can think of , even thought is doesn’t appear plausible. Then I ask my family memebers and trsted friends to give me a list of solutions and advantages I can derive from these problems, From there long lists, I might discover a gem. I might even read a bood or magazine related to my topic of concern, Many reading materials offer credible infromation about common challenges. All the events that have happned in my past have turned into positive learing opportunityes. It is my belief that I can turn negative circumstances and problems into an opportutniy to enhace my moral character.