i believe hockey is dangerous…

justin - USA
Entered on March 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I Believe

Justin Kelly

Do you watch the big game Sunday, waiting for that one big hit? Take a seat on your couch and watch just one hockey game. You should be able to notice the increased speed and brutality of it. Hockey is a much more intense than any other sport, including football. I believe that hockey is the most dangerous sport out there. There are so many dangers in the game of hockey.

The thing that makes it so much more dangerous is the increased speed. No sport comes close to the speed of ice hockey. The main dangers would be the checking, sticks, pucks, and skates. The hitting in hockey is harder than any other sport because everyone is moving so much faster. Not only are they going faster but also you have nothing but ice and the boards to land on or hit, neither are soft. One of the many other dangers of hitting is that every player has a hard hockey stick usually made of some kind of fiberglass or wood. Sticks often come up and hit players in the face and often result in cuts. Another large hazard are the skates that each player wears. They are sharpened very often to ensure the best performance during a game and can become very deadly weapons. Skates have cut people very badly during games. In the 1980’s the Buffalo Sabers goalie had his throat cut very badly. Needless to say there was lots of blood on the ice. And now, not even a month ago, a player had his coraded artery cut by a skate during a game. He ended up having to have surgery to save his life. It’s crazy how many dangerous things there are in hockey. Another large danger are pucks. Pucks are quite small but can still do a lot of damage. These pucks are not soft at all, and players can get them going pretty fast. On average, players shots are probably 60 mph. Some players can actually get the puck going over 100 mph. Getting hit with pucks hurts very badly. Players often get hit with pucks, but most of the time the equipment is able to properly protect the player. Many athletes still get hurt by getting hit with pucks. Usually the worst injuries come from pucks to the face or skates cutting the players.

With all these dangers considered everyone should come to the conclusion that hockey is the most dangerous sport out there. That is what I believe.