Everything happens for a reason

John Carlo - Harlingen, Texas
Entered on March 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Why do bad things happen to people? Why do we make mistakes? Why do we get in trouble? Why do we do bad things? Why did God let it happen? Why? Why? Why? I believe everything that happens, it happens for a reason. Once again, Why?

I was in seventh grade, and my mom was a teacher in the middle school I went to. At this point, websites became the “it” such as xanga, myspace and etc. As a teenager I followed the trend, having my own page in this website called Xanga. It connects people, you can write anything, and basically you can do anything where people see.

Stupid as I was, I wrote things that I thought were “cool”. It was like my diary or journal. Everything that happened to me I wrote and wrote. Until one day, after school I went to my mom’s classroom as usual. There she was waiting for me. My heart started beating fast, something wasn’t right. She looked angry.

I sat down on a student’s chair, and then my mom started talking. She asked me if I had a website, I answered yes. I knew I was in trouble then. Suddenly, I remembered all the things I wrote in that website of. All the bad words I said, all the bad things I said, and all the bad things I have done. Crap, I’m going to be grounded, this thought entered my mind. She told me that someone had told her about my website, my foul language, and my bad actions. She commanded me to show it to her immediately. But as soon as I signed on, I deleted my “cool” website.

I thought it was the end of the world, of course I got grounded. No computer, no cell phone, no T.V. no nothing. I questioned God, why did this happen to me? I got an answer, I thought about everything that had happen. What I’ve taken away from this is that everything happens for a reason, which is to test us. In this case I learned that saying bad words might make you seem “cool”, but instead, it just puts you in the group I’d like to call “not so good people”. Sometimes things happen to you that suck’s, that are unfair, or even horrible. But without these obstacles we wouldn’t be able to realize our mistakes and potential to overcome problems. For every single mistake we do, they happen for a reason, that is we learn from them and that makes us all one step higher of being a good person. Hey, maybe in the future all people will do good. Without these so called “obstacles” life would be dull, and utterly pointless. That’s just how it works and the reason is God planed it that way. So when you make a mistake or you do something wrong, learn from it, because it happened for a reason. Then you can move along and make some more mistakes and learn from all of them because I believe that everything that happens, it happens for a reason.