OU is better than OSU

Brendan - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Entered on March 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Year after year, there are people debating if Oklahoma or Oklahoma State is better at sports. Oklahoma fans always say that they are better and Oklahoma State fans always say that they are. There shouldn’t be any question, though. Oklahoma clearly is the better college.

Without a doubt, Oklahoma is the better football school. Oklahoma owns a 78-16-7 all-time Bedlam Series lead that fittingly started with a 75-0 win. Oklahoma’s longest winning streak in the series is 19, which is more games than OSU has won in the entire 101 game rivalry. OSU’s longest streak in the series is two. Oklahoma also has seven national championships to OSU’s zero.

Oklahoma is not only better at football, but they are also better at basketball. They lead the all-time series 123-88, which is pretty sad when you consider how OSU calls themselves a basketball school. JamesOn Curry is a well-known Cowboy who has had several problems with the law that even lost him his North Carolina scholarship. Many schools backed away but OSU did not because they don’t care about having any integrity, they just want to have talented basketball players. Tony Allen, another talented trouble-maker, was arrested for aggravated battery in 2005. Even the coach they hired had nearly destroyed one of the most prestigious NCAA basketball programs and eventually had to leave the college because he had drinking habits like Joe Namath’s. Even with him Eddie Sutton gone, they have his son coaching teams that feel that it is necessary to head butt players on the opposing team.

Lastly, Oklahoma has much better looking jerseys. Oklahoma’s main color is red, which means power. On the other hand, Oklahoma State wears Halloween colors. Halloween is a day where many people purposely dress up to look ugly.

Oklahoma has won nearly 2/3rds of all the basketball and football games played against OSU. When you aren’t even winning 35% of the games that should be pretty good evidence that you aren’t the better college. That is a good batting average but that is never an acceptable winning percentage for a good sports program. That is kinda like me thinking I could beat up my brother when I was four and he was ten.