World should be a game world

SugGu - GuangZhou/GuangDong, China
Entered on March 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I belive that our world should become a world of games. I mean it as a representitive of all my friends that I know. All my friends like games, why not make our world a game world? A real game that is this world. A game with monsters, skills, and things that has to do with games. Make this world somthing like maplestory, or anything. Yu-gi-oh or Naruto, Pokemon, they are all okay. I know that I’m small, I don’t have much experience of the world, but at least, I have more experience of my life going back and forth from this world to my death, being in a major car accident once and more other car accidents. I’m not sure if anyone has beenin this many car accidents, and so I know, how it feels to be almost dead, ‘is this end of my life? I have more to do’ I’ve been to the road that leads to death. Yes, it sounds like I’m crazy, but I’m not, this is true, I have been thinking, I’ve seen the road of death, so I know how it feels. But in games, you have life that does not end, I’m talking about game like RPG, for example Maplestory.