life after trajedy

Kate - Mead, Colorado
Entered on March 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

When my grandpa died, i thought that i would never be able to go outside, or do any other everyday activities. Even though we lived two states away, and at least had a twelve hour drive between us, we were very close, i miss him soo.. much. I know that he is up in heaven right now, loooking down at me while i’m typing this, and i know that he knows it’s the right thing to do. My grandpa died of brain cancer, which is very unfortunate, and after his death, my mother and i decided to search deeper into his death. long story short, we found that his death was most likely caused by aspartame, found mostly in diet sodas, which all he ever drank with every meal, and just as something to drink was diet coke. now i’m not out to get the diet coke company or any other diet soda brand, but i hope that you’ll all take that into thought. After my grandpa’s death, i was very crushed and didn’t know where to go in my life. i was always that girl who wanted to be the picture perfect middle schooler, and i didn’t want to be known as the plus sized girl either. now, i was never either of those, and since i just turned 13, i have now come to realize that your friends in life are more important than any other relationship, and if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you will always, no matter what have somebody to be there for you and someone to lean on. Even though my grandpa’s death was a few years ago, i have found that you can always talk about them and keep their memories alive. The one important lesson that i have learned though is that you can’t morn in a loved one’s death because that just makes it even harder to deal with the pain, but if you remember all of the good times you had together with that person, it always brings back the good side of things, and wheter or not you believe in god or heaven, i believe that you will see your loved one again if you just believe, just like i know that i’ll see my granpa again some day.