What love happens to be….

Duran - Harlingen, Texas
Entered on March 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Is there such a thing as love? Is it that one feeling that no one can actually reach? Why do we, as humans, become insane and wrapped in a realm where the world stops for one person?

I happen to be 16 years of age, going on 17 March 8th. I’ve experienced this so-called “feeling”. This place of….what…happiness? Only in my case, it was false. It happened to all be one big lie; one play that lasted until what seemed like eternity. For a year and a half I was given the opportunity to live; an opportunity to see the universe in a whole new perspective. This one person showed me that anything is possible; that my heart was worth taking.

It apparently didn’t seem to fall in place. My love ended it with the statement, “It will never work out.” Let it be then.

A month has passed and my heart stands strong. A sense accompanies me, a sense of bewilderment. Could this be happening? Is this the love that I always heard about? How could this be happiness? But no one ever mentions how hurtful love could be….

We just have to experience it for ourselves. There is a stage we face where all seems lost. My heart aches just knowing I must let go. Now all this comes down to one observation, “If you love someone, you must let go.” Love is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We need to be able to understand life. I believe that emotions tend to control out mind. But if we have the strength, we can control our emotions. I’m still in love, but it’s not love.

This is….what I call life. This I believe.