Friendship Bond

Ashley - Orchard Park, New York
Entered on March 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It was January of 2003 and I was struggling with the idea that I was moving six hours away. I was moving six hours away from my home, friends, and a community that I have come to grow a special bond with. This feeling was all too familiar. At the age of 15, I had moved a total of eight times to seven different states. In this particular January, my home was in Middletown, NY and my dad had just acquired a job opportunity he had always dreamt, Vice President of the Buffalo News. How could a daughter beg her father to deny an opportunity that he had been working so hard for? How could a daughter tell her father that he would ruin her life because every teenage girl needs her best friend? Years later, all those questions seem obsolete. I have been living in Buffalo, NY for four years now and my best friend still lives six hours away. I believe in long distance friendships being forever and stronger.

I met my best friend, Meghan, in Crispell Middle School. She was humorous yet quiet, outspoken, and had a native Brooklyn accent. I am the other extreme. If our friendship had only one name it would be chaotic. The chaotic love that we shared made each day in high school that much more enjoyable. I thought that we would always be best friends. We planned on going to prom, graduating, and going to college together. All those dreams felt so far away in January of 2003. I had moved mid-year of my sophomore year of high school. It was traumatic. I was dramatic. I was experiencing crippling anxiety such that moving away would destroy our friendship, my life. I had moved numerous times before and the phrase “we’ll keep in touch” always felt diluted. Yes, I still talked to old elementary friends from other states on AIM but there was no real relationship. I did not want this to be a recurrence with Meghan.

Months past, I started at my new school and made new friends but I still missed my best friend. The anxiety had subsided but I still had not seen Meghan in five months. Ironically, when we did communicate with each other by all the technology modern day offers us, I still felt the friendship and bond we had. I had not experienced a strong friendship lasting after I have moved. I am now attending Buffalo State College and she attends Orange Country Community College. We are still best friends. Life has become busier as we grow up but we still have each other to lean on even if we are hours apart. We visit yearly and talk monthly. The core of our friendship remains unchanged. I believe that the miles apart has made are friendship stronger.