Human Potential

Alexander - Birmingham, Alabama
Entered on March 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that our true potential as human beings is never reached. The modern world’s education, job, and school systems as a whole are flawed along with the American “route to success.” If the average American wants to become “successful,” he must undergo a long process in which much of what is done is a waste of time. He must go to school, get to college, graduate with a diploma, and get a job. To me this appears very generic and simple- almost anyone can do this. It is only a measure of work ethic- not intelligenceIt annoys me because everyday at school I have to take classes that are a waste of my time. These classes are not wastes of time in themselves, it is simply that I know I am not going to use the knowledge I supposedly gain in these certain classes once I get out of high school. I am considering going into the medical field, but I can’t take classes that are dedicated specifically to it. I won’t begin to take courses dedicated to the medical field until college. I feel as if I am selling my mind and body’s potential short.

I spend so many hours every day in the classroom learning about things I doubt I will ever use. I remember in the summer before my freshman year I started practicing with my soccer ball every day in my driveway. I could do this because I didn’t have several hours of homework to do every night. Because I was practicing so much, I soon became a major threat to the other team. I actually became a “good” soccer player and those skills have stayed with me even today. However, I cannot improve as rapidly now because I am doing school until three, then I have soccer practice, and then I have homework until eight o’clock, maybe later. I believe that if I had more time to dedicate to it, I could go very far with soccer. Why should I be good at several things when I could be great at one or two things?

No matter what occupation I choose to go into, my high school classes will remain the same. Also, if we had the opportunity to pick specialty classes when we were in junior high, we would have more time to dedicate to extra-curricular activities. Our nation in its entirety would have more specialists in all areas, i.e. jobs, sports, music, etc. This is why nations such as China have so many experts in the area of music for example. They become dedicated students at the age of three and become prodigies before they reach adulthood. I only wish that there was some way to change our system so that we could truly see the limits of human potential. I do not believe that we have even come close to seeing our powerful species at full capacity yet.