Duane - Bloomington, Minnesota
Entered on March 7, 2008
Age Group: 65+

I believe it is important to be teachable. I was receiving a golf lesson last

Saturday and my instructor commented that I was utterly teachable. By my following his instructions fully he could see a major improvement in my golf swing. Making that motion permanent may require a lot of patience and practice but at least I had a goal to shoot for. I got to thinking about how important it is to be teachable. I believe the following:

? Teach ability requires humility and faith. You are saying to the teacher that they know more about the subject then you do and that you are going to follow their lead/instruction wherever it takes you and whatever the cost.

? Teach ability requires hope, persistence, and discipline. Without hope that the teacher is leading you along the right path for “success” a person becomes discouraged and soon stops following the teacher. Without persistence and discipline a half hearted following of the teacher will produce little results.

? Teach ability requires discernment. The student needs to discern which teacher to follow. Discernment grows over the years by trial and error and by learning from others especially elders. I believe it’s important to pick a teacher that has been trained by or is a master in the trade.

? Teach ability also requires patience. Lasting meaningful skills and knowledge are generally acquired over many years of effort.

? Teach ability also requires passion and enthusiasm. Few if any meaningful objectives are accomplished without a passion to “improve”.

In many ways golf is a trivial example compared to the many more “important” and challenging issues that life offers us. It’s important that we find a teacher that inspire us to be truly teachable in areas such as:

o Spirituality

o Mental health

o Physical health

o Our relationships (spouse, children, siblings, coworkers, friends, etc.)

o Our job

o Our avocations (golf, fishing, skiing, etc.)

I also believe that to be truly teachable we have to get out of our heads/our minds/our egos/our false selves periodically and get in touch with our true self/our inner wisdom. I believe that our inner wisdom is best experienced when we shut off the chatter of the mind and have become connected to our inner stillness. The inner stillness is the gateway to expanded level of consciousness. To do this we need spiritual teachers such as Jesus or Buddha. Jesus encourages his followers to become child like spiritually. He encourages his followers to become teachable.