The Power of Writing

olivia - west hartford, Connecticut
Entered on March 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Olivia b

This I believe

The Power of Writing

I believe in the power of writing. To me the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about but the inner music the words make. The way they slither from your mind and tumble out your mouth onto a fresh sheet of paper Writing is so powerful because it makes you stop and think The actual movement of putting a pen to paper encourages an moment for thought, which helps you forge a deeper understanding, and refocuses you to the main point of writing.

I believe that writing is so important because it makes a person stop and think. Life is so crazy and we never get the chance to just stop and consider things. The act of writing is by its nature slow and tedius – much thought and consideration has to go into each and every syllable and punctuation mark. Once the writing has physically and mentally slowed you down, now you get time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Things which too often simply overwhelm us because we don’t have time to deal with them.

Once we stop and think, we are given the chance not just to slow things down, but to actually consider and make new meanings.

We can consider things from other points of view, and form new ideas – both in our minds and eventually onto the page. Some of our greatest writers are such because of the new ideas their words expressed. Their words have weight, sound, and appearance. With this new perspective brought on by the task of writing, you are now centered and focused in a way you weren’t before. Things that you didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t consider are now clearer to you – and your voice can ring strong and true. You can now express yourself confidently, feeling sure that you’ve got good ideas that may just change the way others see the world.