Normal or Abnormal?

Bryce - Westbury, New York
Entered on March 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism

I wonder what you would think if you saw a man walking down the street wearing jeans, a red t-shirt, and Nike sneakers. I believe you would think he’s an ordinary guy. Then you see another guy wearing black jeans, some death-metal band t-shirt, black nail polish, eyeliner, and VANS sneakers. You would probably think that he is really strange. Next thing you know the ‘ordinary’ guy is screaming his head off saying the world is coming to an end. While this is going on you and some other pedestrians might just watch this guy thinking, “There is something wrong with this person, someone has to do something.” While you’re standing there waiting from someone to do something the ‘strange’ guy you saw earlier sees what’s going on and tries to reason with the man like a normal person. A few minutes later the ‘ordinary’ man calms down and leaves. After the ‘ordinary’ man leaves you think, “Thank God that guy stopped that lunatic.”

Now let me ask you a question. Who was the most normal person in this situation? I think the person who was most normal was you. That’s right you the reader were the most normal. The reason why I think you’re the most normal person in the situation is because you did the same thing that the other pedestrians did, watch the ‘lunatic’ scream his head off while the ‘strange’ guy calmed him down. If you don’t understand yet let me explain, the definition for normal is: conforming to the standard or common type. Being normal according to the definition means doing what everyone else does. That means the ‘strange’ guy, the only one to try to calm down the ‘lunatic’ while everyone else watching was doing something abnormal. If this is the case then why is it considered normal if a policeman handles the situation? Because it’s his job and that’s what policeman do, maintain peace and order. But just like the ‘strange’ guy he’s doing something that no one else is doing, that means he’s also doing something abnormal. The only way the ‘strange’ guy can be considered doing something normal is if people help him.

Do I want people to be normal or abnormal? I would like people to be both because I think it’s better for people to have their own identities and be different. By being both normal and abnormal we can all be more accepting and be able to understand each other and settle our differences. I believe it’s better for everyone to be normal and abnormal because I think that the only way we can achieve peace is by finding a way we can all get along and be ourselves.