I believe in the power of a Smile

Richard - Cudahy, Wisconsin
Entered on March 7, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in the power of a smile

One of my daily tasks is to make my wife smile. I try to remember funny things or just make slightly out of the ordinary observations. She says I’m not terribly romantic, so I have to do something to get her attention. A funny face, a silly pun, a funny story, or even barking and “wagging my tail” will do.

For other people I have many little tricks to get a smile. If a purchase comes up to say, $18.96, I will say to the cashier in my best W. C. Fields voice, “Ah, it was a good year, I remember it well.” Their reactions almost always bring a smile to me and to others as well. I like to ask women I see in a store with a small baby in their cart what aisle they found that one in. I usually get a smile, but one a woman replied, “I made it myself.” We shared smiles all around.

In many conversations I make comments that leave me open for a funny reply. At church, at work, out walking the dogs, are all good venues for observations and comments that can bring a smile. I love to share a good smile with others.

But not all smiles are good. Unfortunately, some smiles are not uplifting. These smiles are powerful too. I wish they could be eliminated from the repertoire of human emotions. Sometimes it seems that those smiles come out without the giver even knowing the negative power they wield. However, I am afraid, most of the time they do know. It’s a power that doesn’t lift up anyone, not even the giver of that smile.

So, I will go on trying to make as many good smiles as I can. Every so often I fail to judge the situation well and no smile comes. I’m truly sorry for that. I hope people will realize that I was trying to make things a little better.

But, I will keep trying to bring a smile where I can. I’m not good at making a lot of money. My children will attest to the fact that I am not in tune with fashion. I do spend a lot of time by myself. So, when I am out and interacting with others, I will share what I can. I will share a good smile.

I have some other deeply held beliefs that I find difficult to share sometimes. But, I can share a smile with most people. It is a great way to start sharing my beliefs. I figure if my other beliefs don’t stand up to a good smile, why should I want to share them? So, if someone claims to remember 1853, share a smile with them. It’s a powerful thing to do.