I Believe in…Selfish Selflessness

Karisa - Elmhurst, Illinois
Entered on March 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in… Selfish Selflessness

I’m doing the dishes when no one has asked me to. I do it because I know that no one else will be willing do them after I leave. The host of the party walks in and tells me, “Stop, don’t do my dishes, don’t clean my kitchen, and please just leave the leftovers out on the counter, I’ll um, I’ll get it all later”. But I can’t, and I won’t. Because a clean kitchen is better than a dirty one, no matter who cleans it. By taking the initiative to do the dishes at my friend’s house, I know that they will get cleaned and put away, it’s a guarantee.

This theory that I hold true to my heart isn’t only about to do with a clean kitchen or a dirty one. It is about determining what I think is right and wrong, then moving forward to act upon those thoughts, all because I know that it will benefit everyone, not just me. That selflessness combined with my selfish act to persevere through the non agreeing, negative ideas and thoughts of others is something I like to call selfish selflessness. How do I explain selfish selflessness to the unknowing? It is a composition of opinions, beliefs, and inspirations. It is a complicated, oxymoronic theory that when understood, is a wonderful, life inspiring realization.

This theory is more than saying that I’ve held the door for a stranger when I didn’t have to, or picking something up when someone drops it. Those are all very nice gestures, but they are all at the convenience of the person trying to help. The theory of selfish selflessness means that I am willing to create a situation to help others. For example: doing the dishes at a party only after realizing the host is not in distress over the situation nor is he concerned about the pile of dirty dishes sitting in the sink.

Another aspect to this theory is that when I am acting upon my selfish selflessness I am not making the attempt to “do the politically correct thing,” I perform the act out of unselfishness. Along that line, I am not molding myself into a political, societal slave. I am also not expected to come running if someone is ringing a bell. In order to be selfish and selfless incoherently I must have established morals and set in stone thoughts. I can not and will not shy away from these, as they are my make up and show what I stand for. While establishing morals I have to be selfish. I must know what I stand for and what I merely represent. This aids in selfish selflessness becoming second nature, a more natural way to be your self. Applying these ideas to selflessness creates an answer to any thing in question. By using what I know and hold true to my heart toward others with out looking for anything in return (maybe not even a thank you or any sign of gratitude) becomes its own monster of selfish selflessness.