The Importance of Sports

Matthew - Birmingham, Alabama
Entered on March 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

My whole life revolves around basketball. It is my passion, but it takes up almost all of my free time. In high school, the commitment to play sports requires dedication and time. I believe that high school sports are beneficial to all students because athletes must learn to develop better study and work ethics.

As I said earlier, basketball controls my entire life. At the beginning of my high school career prior to basketball season, I was lazy and procrastinated especially with my homework. It was a bad habit that I developed because I always thought that I would have the entire afternoon and night to do my homework. Once basketball practices started, I had at least three hours every day, and suddenly all of the free time I had was gone. This changed my mindset on how much time I should spend on my work. My dad told me it is a blessing in disguise because it actually makes me work harder. I get better grades during the season rather than the off-season because my work ethics are better.

Every night when I get home from basketball I get started on my homework right away or I won’t get done. During basketball, I have come to the realization that during the week days I am too busy and don’t have time to hang out with friends. This is reality and I now understand the sacrifices I need to make.

Playing a sport has made me realize how I am going to have to spend my time when I go off to college. My parents will no longer be there to make me do homework, but the time I am spending in high school now teaches me how school work is more important than play. It is a commitment and a strong responsibility just like any career I plan to pursue.

It is not always easy to accept the fact that there is little free time during basketball season, but I have learned to adjust. Basketball has helped me learn to use my time wisely and the knowledge that I have gained from this experience will be applied to the way I live the rest of my life.