Live Every Day Like You Were Going To Live A Hundred Years

Roma - Little Falls, New Jersey
Entered on March 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I Believe…

Every day people are told they have a disease, from diabetes to cancer. And day people believe their life is over. I believe you should live every day with the attitude that you were going to live a hundred more years.

My dad has been through a lot during his lifetime. He came to America from India when he was nineteen to study at collage. In India my dad never got the opportunity to go to the doctors. When he finally graduated from collage and got a job, he was required to go to the doctors to get a check up. He found out he has a high blood pressure. After further tests he found out he has a polyester kidneys, which means he has a cyst on his kidneys, but my dad lived every day as if nothing was wrong with him. He believed in making the most of every day. Then, a few years ago my dad had to get a back surgery because of his positive attitude, he knew his surgery would go well and it did. He went on to become successful pharmacist. However there were still more challenges for my dad to face. He found out he had to get a kidney transplant because of his cyst and he still amazes my by living his life like he is going to live a hundred more years. He absolutely plans to live his life fully before and after his surgery. Most people would be scared and worried and would give up in life. Because I follow my dads example I believe you should live everyday as if you were going to live forever.

Living every day as if you were going to live a hundred more years is the best way to live life. If you give up in life you have no reason to live. Now if I found out I have a disease like my ldad I would not let it affect what I do and how I live. I will live my life as if I was going to live a hundred more years. I believe a life is to be lived.