Why Are You Laughing?

Scott - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I think everyone has either heard someone say, “If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry,” or actually has said it themselves. This comment seems to go unnoticed most of the time. I believe this small saying is a choice I have to make every day. Whether the events in my life are going well or badly, I have to decide to laugh OR cry. The fact I have to choose one or the other is amazing to me, but I have tested the option of doing nothing and it is much more difficult. Holding back any outburst at all takes quite a bit of concentration and seems to make the unpleasantness last even longer.

On a usual morning I am a groggy, bumbling, mumbling mess. I open my eyes when only absolutely necessary while getting my day started. I may have even made my way out the front door before I opened them for the first time. This decision is not the smartest idea I have come up with so far. My motor skills definitely are not the sharpest in the morning so having my eyes closed is a recipe for disaster, small disasters at least. I have stabbed myself in the gums with my toothbrush, rammed my toes into the side of the doorway to the bathroom, and even just tripped over a shoe on the floor and fell all the way to the ground. All I can do is laugh at myself. I may be subconsciously setting myself up for these types of blunders. Normally, I would think something embarrassing or unpleasant happening would start my day out on a bad note; however, when I do something like this to myself, my day starts off better than it would have. Sure my gums are bleeding or a have a limp for a few minutes, but I choose to laugh and it is genuinely funny to me. Laughing is the first occurrence I truly recognize that I am doing that day. I awaken right at the moment of pain or impact and laugh. It is better than any alarm clock I have ever owned.

Awakened by laughter from myself at myself on a particular morning mentioned above, I insist on manufacturing more situations to laugh. In the car on the way to work I search the radio stations for a morning show that is amusing. Having found none, I will pop in a CD and sing with the music. My singing sounds very similar to a crow going through puberty. I always laugh at myself a little bit when I get carried away with a song, but when a fellow motorist takes notice of my talents I make sure to double my efforts. I wonder what they are thinking for just a moment. I do not know this person so I am not bothered by what they might think. The situation is just another outlet for something funny to happen. Do they think, “That guy looks like he’s having a lot of fun,” or “Why do they give crazy people licenses?” I am not the only one that sings to himself, yet when I see others, they will stop singing immediately once I am noticed observing.

Even after I get to work the entertainment continues. I am efficient, yet there is no need to make work boring. The events of the morning can even provide for laughs later in the day. If I am speaking with a customer I might mention stabbing myself with my toothbrush that morning or perhaps my impression of Britney Spears in the car on the way to work. There are some people that do not appreciate laughing but I have yet to have anyone complain that I tried to brighten up their day. When I see a coworker under distress I attempt to lighten the mood. I will normally ask them if I upset them because I was singing their song in my car when I “knew” they were already singing it. I will then suggest a fight to the death. If this person still refuses to show any hint of laughter I accuse them of being jealous of my singing and belt out some horrible notes into his or her ear. This person has the choice to laugh or cry, I do not attempt to force the choice onto them but I like to think I do my part to help them choose the brighter side.

After work, I surround myself with people that want to either laugh at me or with me. I am perfectly fine with whatever they choose. Life is too short to be mad or sad every day. If I am being ridiculous enough for someone to laugh at my expense, I have succeeded. I like to think that after people have seen that I do not take myself too seriously they will implant the same thinking into their own lives. Maybe the next time they have the option to laugh or cry they will think of me and their decision will be made for them. Today was a good day. I believe I shall choose “laugh” again tomorrow.