Everything Happens for a Reason

Gabrielle - Brookville, New York
Entered on March 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was fifteen, I suddenly fainted in my kitchen and was rushed to the hospital where I spent four days and three nights getting an MRI, an EEG, an EKG, a spinal tap and a series of blood tests.

Those four days will always be with me. While visiting me my cousin said, “Everything happens for a reason.” I was nervous that I wasn’t going to be okay. My family was frightened and barely slept. I know that they were trying to be calm but I also knew how scared they were. I became stronger by learning who I can trust and who I can’t. I believe that trust is a very important factor in one’s life, and if you can’t trust people then you need to learn how. I have had many issues with trust but I have grown to understand how to change the lives of others, learning how to get their trust and for them to have mine. Even though I have issues with trust, I am learning to cope with them. I am coping now because of this issue I still have today. I now know that trusting makes me grow, and knowing that makes me happy.

Believing that everything happens for a reason has changed my outlook on life. Being in the hospital has as well. Even though it was a miserable time in my life, I look back and see my cousin’s face and how happy she was that I was okay. Realizing that it could happen to anyone, makes me understand how to act towards others.

I realize the way some of my “friends” treat me, and at this point in my life I know who really is a friend and who isn’t. Every choice I make or every obstacle I come across, I know happens for a reason.

The fear of this will always be with me and that scares me even more. Knowing that this can happen again frightens me and my family. I hope it never happens again because I am praying that it was only a one time situation. I learned that if it does happen again, I will be ready for it. I am now living with fear for the rest of my life, but I believe I can cope with that.