I Believe in All within Life’s Opus

Kate - Amherst Jct., Wisconsin
Entered on March 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in All.

It’s lofty to make such a claim. But I will try and explain. “All” can be defined as those experiences everyone has. The things that we experience and then filter through our own history which give meaning to the interpretation of life. Experiences within this “all” allow us universally to apply feelings of good, bad, and an infinite range of others to what happens to us. It is a collection of phenomenons that let us connect to others in new renditions of life’s opuses.

Let me ground myself in my All—my experience. I am from a town with 512 people in Wisconsin where they grow potatoes. After I left to the university there was a population boom, skyrocketing to 516, even minus me. Pretty average on the surface. To really connect to the meaning of All, though, I believe it’s important to look beyond the surface.

Wisconsin is my roots for my All. It’s full of hearty people, happy to be independent. If you ever have the pleasure to meet a Wisconsinite, we are proud to be from there. I suppose you have to be to survive those blustery winters. We got over 100 inches of snow this year. I missed that because I have accidentally found myself in Germany, studying things about forestry on the surface, but about much more when you go beyond that surface. I often find myself in these accidental circumstances which lead to a whole set of new connections, and thus a new shaping of life’s opuses.

Regardless of place, everyone is always participating in their own All. There’s hundreds of experiences, we have daily, connecting us to, and creating, the world around us. This two way dialog between one’s self and the world is the All I’m trying to capture. It implies both a circumstantial placement coming from the wheres, whos, and whats of life. However, the second part implies an agency of me and you. An ability to create and impact what’s going on around us, letting us keep a freedom wrapped within a set of circumstances.

I like baking, so I often have people over to share ridiculous tales and eat impossibly good cake. My friend came to learn how to make cake, so she too can always share stories and eat. She gave me a chocolate bar. Ein kleines Dankesch”n said the wrapper. Dankesch”n means thanks in German. Then she said, “A ‘dankesch”n’ for you for being such a good friend.” The candybar probably cost $1.00, but she created a priceless moment for me to wrap up in.

To make the most of this two way dialog, it’s necessary to go beyond the surface and recognize our creator role within the web of everyday circumstances. We’re always adding our own strings to life’s opus. It’s the simplest things that make the strongest notes in this song. I believe I’m from Wisconsin and spreading my All to a skyrocketing web of other Alls. Because it’s all one anyway.