Media Influence

Matthew - Scarsdale, New York
Entered on March 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

We often prejudge others before we meet them. Many individuals do not understand that this is a problem. All forms of the media have been influencing young people throughout the world by portraying only the outside appearance of the rich and famous. This in turn influences the view of young people by encouraging them to conform to superficial values of money and beauty. I believe people shouldn’t prejudge, but look at an individual’s character. Instead of judging people by superficial qualities, such as income and physical appearance, we should evaluate one another by our talents and personalities.

Magazines, the internet, and television have placed an extreme value on looks at all cost. For example, women desire to be blonde, thin, and have big breasts. For men, the look is strong and muscular. The media’s focus on looks have caused people to try too hard to fit in. Today many models struggle with anorexia due do to an overwhelming emphasis on being skinny. These values have trickled down to an even younger generation such as thirteen-year-old girls.

The media also has skewed the view on how many materialistic objects people need. Our society as a whole has been changing throughout time to be more consumer oriented. Donald Trump is a prime example of how society has altered our view on what we think we need. Living a luxurious life is not always as good as it seems. You don’t have to live like Trump to be happy.

As I grow older, I look back at what my youth entailed. I realize now that the media has altered the way I see the world. As a child, I watched plenty of television that has made me crave objects that I don’t really need; such as sports cars and fifty-three inch flat screen TV’s, and the latest video games. Now that I am more mature, I look at the big picture. We don’t really need all of these material goods. We should judge people by their individuality and not by how much money they have or how they look. If we can understand how the media has influenced the perspective and values of the youth, then maybe we can see beyond the surface and instead appreciate our personalities and talents.