Hatred on the Military

Michael - aurora, Colorado
Entered on March 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Hatred on the Military

The military is not for everyone. Sure you might have it made, college paid for, everything’s good; but for some, things like college and other advantages are just not there for them. I believe in a country where military service is responsibility of our nation’s citizens and I am an enlistee into the United States Navy.

When I decided to join the military, it was not a real hard choice. For many generations my family has served. My family has served this country in every war since World War 2. They have served for many reasons. I joined to better my life, make money, have an education greater than I already have, and most of all, self respect.

Many people bash on individuals who join the armed forces. They look at the war in Iraq and say,” no, I will not serve.” I didn’t join for the war in Iraq; I joined for the same reasons many others join when America is not at war. People have come to me and told me I have made a poor choice for life. I should forget about the navy and just go to college. Some people have told me I am very foolish and stupid for joining.

I have a personal opinion on people who say the military is a bad choice. The military is not for everyone. If you don’t respect other people’s choices, you should get out of this country. The reason we, America, have the military, is to support and defend our Constitution. If it weren’t for the military, America would not be free. So if you hate it, keep it to yourself. A slogan on many bumper stickers says: “support our troops, or get the fu** out.”

Where I live many people disapprove of my enlistment. I joined for these key reasons: I don’t have a paid tuition for college. I have to work to pay for my education. These things are not given to me for free. I want to see the world, but I must work for it. Because of these reasons, I am not disappointed in my decision to join the armed forces. In fact, I think it’s a good reason and I am proud to serve my country.

I have a friend, a recruiter in the navy, who is 24 years old. He is married and has a son. He gets almost 1600 dollars a paycheck. I have another friend, same age, married and has a son. He works at a carwash and makes only 200 dollars a paycheck. It seems to me, my friend in the navy made a better choice. He has money, security, and education. My other friend is stuck at making poor decisions about his future and he is struggling. Who made a better decision?

The military is not such a harsh thing to be part of. For god sakes, next time you want to criticize the military, get some knowledge on what you are bashing. Don’t talk about the outside of something until you have seen what is inside.