Gettin Family from Friends

Andrea - Jesup, Iowa
Entered on March 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe friends are the family we choose. Throughout my life I have heard sayings telling how when we choose friends we choose them on how we would want our family to be. When I am with my friends it is like I am with a family, but being a lot more crazy and fun. We each bring our own uniqueness to our little “family.” Whenever someone needs to be cheered up or helped with something we are all there for them.

Just recently the friend that is my very best friend, she is just like a sister to me, got into a little accident. Before I even knew she was I had this really bad feeling deep down in my gut that something had gone wrong. The roads have been icy so I called her on her cell phone to make sure she was ok. When she finally answered she told me right away that she had gone in the ditch and needed me to come and pick her and her brother up. Well it ended up that one of our neighbors bull had gotten out of its fence onto the road. My mom was right in front of her, and so not to hit my mom she swerved hit an ice patch and spun right into the ditch. Luckily neither her or her brother was hurt. I told her about my feeling and realized that she was going to call me when I called her.

My friends and I are very close. If I am having a bad day they are there to help me through it like I am for them. We would go so far just to help each other when we need each other. We are all a little bit different from each other, but we all have many things in common and this is what makes a so close. I believe very much in the saying, “friends are the family we choose.” These friends that I have are my family, and I don’t know how I am going to go off to college without them. From what I have heard being apart makes a relationship stronger and for me and my friends I bet that is what is going to happen for us.