Lost and Found mirical

Tyler - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on March 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you noticed that no matter where you are in the world needing help, help finds you? One of these things happened to me about 7 years ago. I believe that miracles save lives and make a difference. Most of my family had a life threatening experience that could have killed them including me!

I was only 7 years old and I went on a camping trip with my dad, my brother and me. We were only a couple of miles from our campsite in the Rocky Mountains and I was very excited! Setting up the tent, lighting the campfire, roasted marshmallows, and even poking things we shouldn’t. I was really looking forward to all the things we were going to do. Then we finally arrived at the campsite, looking around there was a small river splashing down the hill by where our tent was going to go. I jumped out of the car and walked around, I smelt the smell of pine wood, sapling, and grass. Wildlife was everywhere in the trees, river, even in the sky, I was ready for camp.

A few hours later, everything was set up, the tent was set, and the firewood was in place then we went for a hike in the forest. We all started to walk in the woods, the pinewood smell got strong and we got deep into the forest. I was paying attention to all the stuff in the forest on the hike, when I looked all around I was alone, lost. I didn’t know which way camp was so I hiked back down the trail until I met a 2 way path. There were arrows where camp was and more trail, but they were spray painted all over! I picked the trail on the right and walked down it, it started to get darker as I waked further down the trail until I realized that I was going down the wrong trail. Then I turned around and walked back up that trail, once I did I started to hear sounds. That’s when I found out at night the forest comes alive!

When I looked around I saw glowing eyes in the distance, or they were just headlights. I looked on the ground and saw a spider scatter across the trail that looked like it was big as my head! Birds started to fly around and make noise as if something were coming for them. I started to get scared and started to rundown the trial as fast as I could until I heard something down the trail! I thought I saw a tail and started to shake! I needed help getting to the campsite or a miracle. I started to run faster then the thing behind me did, I tripped on the ground and scrapped my knees and elbows. I looked up and it was my dad! I suddenly felt safe then we headed back to camp. My legs and arms started to bleed so my dad patched it up then we enjoyed roasted marshmallows. We all went into the tent and went to sleep I stayed up for a while to read a book, when I looked up I saw an outline of a large animal which I couldn’t tell what it was. I probably was seeing things or very tired then I fell asleep.

The next morning I laid in the sleeping bag thinking about what happened that night realized that night was much scarier then day. I shrugged and went on to eating breakfast, eggs, bacon, pancakes and juice. Bugs were everywhere and it was hard to enjoy the meal. I went in the tent and ate in there. Later in the day we all went hiking again but this time I was the one who was in front of the group.. We had a blast until we walked back to the campsite and all packed up all the camping gear. It took us a while to take down the tent and roll up the sleeping bags. When we were done we all took one last look at the campsite and the mountains in the distant, then drove away. Once we were on the highway the mountains started to get smaller and smaller until they were a distant image. Once we were back in Aurora, and were away from all the nature, I realized again that when you need help and don’t know where you are, help finds you.