I Believe There is Always Hope

Paraskevi - Little Falls, New Jersey
Entered on March 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

Everyone has been through a rough patch or a bit of trouble in his or her life. Yet we still make it through and live our lives as we normally would. What gives us this willpower is a little thing called hope. Hope is the part of us that pushes us to forget the past and move on. When Pandora opened the box, according to Greek mythology, all the evil came out and went into the world. But as she went to close the box a minute piece came out. That piece was hope. The hope would save us and get us through devastation. From ancient times to now hope has always been there.

Think about if everyone hoped for good things. If everyone hopes for t6he best then we would try to work harder to make it better. There is a chance for wars to end, people around the world to get an education and children to have a home and food everyday. Personally, we all hope for different things. We can hope for getting a job promotion, getting a good grade on that hard math test or even that our family gets home safely tonight. Hope is different for everyone. Hope can be for good things and hope can be for bad things. Either way everyone hopes for something in different situations. There are so many things to hope for that we all have to find the way, the right way; the good way.

When you have a problem you think about what happened and you hope for the best. You hope that you will be forgiven and that you will forgive. If you’re waiting in a hospital room you hope that everything will be all right. When you’re in love you hope that you will always be together. When the one you love breaks your heart you hope to get over them and find the strength to love again.

I think that hope is always there and has been there for everyone even if we can’t see it. Hope is within us, it’s everywhere. Hope is what gets us through the day. This I truly believe.