Sabrina - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on March 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


Sabrina Grace B

“I wish I could be like the other happy, careless kids on the playground. I wish I could ask ‘why does mother love me so much?’ not ‘why does mother hate me so much?’ I wish I could say my parents put me before everything, but how can I when alcohol has a flawless victory priority. I wish I could say my father protects me from the world, but how can I when he wont even protect me from my own mother. I wish I didn’t have to wake up every morning and see an ugly person, and wonder how the battle with depression will be like today. I wish I had a voice, so I could tell my parents about the 75% of my life they missed. I wish I had my innocence and childhood back, but it’s irreplaceable. I wish I could live fearlessly! . . . not wondering what I’ll be yelled at, attacked, sexually violated or even killed for today.”

The words just spoken to you are that of a child’s. A once innocent child, whom the sun always shone upon. She’s very close to me. She may even be close to you. You’ll never know because many children are abused everyday, but are afraid to open up. They are so afraid to the point they are voiceless. How do I know? I am a child too you know. I know what it is like to be silenced. I know what it’s like to keep everything bundled up inside where no one can get to it. I know what it’s like when all the secret’s of the world are on your hands and you can do nothing but watch as your self esteem lowers along with your voice.

All of you adults out there, please reach out to the youth with compassion and understanding. This is hard-core reality! This is what’s really going on! Please don’t deny it any longer. Don’t roll your eyes when you see troubled kids. Look inside and see the pain we long to spill. When our leaders wont listen where else are we to turn but a life of sex, violence and drugs to seek attention and companionship? We degrade ourselves into nothing so that when pain comes along, we feel nothing. It really hurts when we hurt ourselves to send a message that doesn’t even get across.

As you may be wondering, I did respond to this child and her wishes:

“You know hun, there are some things in life you can’t just pick and choose. Unfortunately, your parents are one of them. There’s no contract that says your parents have to love you. Get out there and make the best of the cards your delt. Besides, good things can be disguised in bad, and always, be careful what you wish for.”

Before I turn to go in for the night she pleads:

“Wait! Isn’t there one thing that you wish for?”

I pause to think. . .

“Yes. I wish that what I believe in most of all isn’t true; that voiceless children are dieing, counting on wishes that will never come through.”