This I Believe.

Erica - Jesup IA 50648, Iowa
Entered on March 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in not thinking… just going with the flow of things and laughing a lot. There is only room for seriousness occasionally. Some people may think everything is business and there is no time for games. In my opinion, you can’t have happiness without laughing and goofing around.

I quickly learned when I started track season my freshman year in high school, that to perform my best I must go with the flow and NEVER think. I realized when I began to think about my races, I ended up over thinking and feared failure. I feared letting down my teammates or not meeting the high standards of my father. I have learned that things flow more easily for me when I don’t think/worry about what is going to happen if I do this or don’t do that.

I believe laughing is the key to happiness. It doesn’t matter what you laugh about just as long as you do. It is guaranteed to make a person feel happier. Too many people worry about what everyone thinks of them and become miserable trying to please everyone. It helps to just let go and laugh about almost everything. It makes the hard things in life move along more swiftly and may even mend physical/emotional pain.

This was another school project that was difficult for me at first because I started thinking about so many different beliefs and I overwhelmed myself. I soon realized how easy it could be if I just relaxed and went with the flow. This project helped me to learn more about life happiness by looking at my own past. LAUGHTER=HAPPINESS.