Old is Not An Age

Jake - Dunkerton/IA/50626, Iowa
Entered on March 4, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe “old” is an attitude, not an age. I was recently asked at what age a person became “old”, and I concluded that it is not a persons age that makes them “old” rather it is their actions and there attitude towards life in general that determines this.

Some people believe that they themselves are “old” , and start acting old simply because they believe it themselves. Others continue to do the things they have done all their lives up until the day they die. Some people are unable to continue living their life as they had because of health problems. Some people overcome their problems and continue to live as they had. Some people remain happy and energetic up until the end, while others simply wait for death to take them. Some people remain active as long as possible, while others give up on life and quit long before their bodies are really incapable of being active.

I believe that being inactive and unhappy and giving up on life is what makes you old. Not your age.