Humor is Everywhere

Kevin - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on March 4, 2008
Age Group: 65+

Humor is Everywhere

I believe in humor. Humor, in general, makes every single day better for me. It also makes my experience at Saint Xavier High School more memorable. It improves my relationships with friends. It also creates laughter, which is the best medicine.

I look forward to coming to school at Saint Xavier everyday mostly because of the people. Humor is incorporated into a lot of the time I spend with my friends. Many of the things that we talk about and say make us laugh. Because of my friends’ personalities, we are very humorous around each other, and I have a ton of fun with them. Also, a lot of my teachers are very funny. My math teacher, Mr. Medley, is always full of energy and has many funny phrases that he uses often including “Homework boys!” and “I need a man to read….” The funniest teacher that I have is Mr. Schweitzer, who teaches me Geography. He comes up with jokes that make the whole class laugh really hard.

With humor comes laughter. I love laughing. It can put me in a better mood at times and cheer me up. My friend Chris likes to mock and make fun of me for no reason, but it makes me laugh because he looks so dumb doing it. My friends and I are always making fun of each other, but we aren’t too sensitive, and it is very funny sometimes (but not too negative). Laughing helps me to forget about how I am feeling so that I can just enjoy the moment. When my family and I are telling jokes at the dinner table, it brings us closer together. These are just a few of the countless ways that laughter makes life more worthwhile.

I believe in and treasure humor because I enjoy it so much. It always puts me in great moods, and it creates memories that I can look back on and laugh about many years from now. It is making my high school years more memorable. I love laughing and making others laugh through humor. Obviously, life would not be as great as it is without humor.