Something to Believe In

Andrea - las vegas/nv/89129, Nevada
Entered on March 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

Being an eighteen year old female who is in her final year of high school, I hope one would understand what I mean when I write that I am forgetting to believe. I am not saying that that I do not believe in something. But leading this confusing life, I get so wound up in making decisions and adjusting to change that my beliefs end up floating around in a place throughout my mind where I do not visit too often. To believe is to have hope for the future, to dream, and to fully comprehend and accept the person that I am. So I believe that it is important to believe.

The world that we live in can wear someone down. Constantly having hate encircling a person can have an adjustment on their beliefs. One forgets how having a good laugh can have an impact on their soul or carrying out a childhood dream can lead them only to believing in more. I can remember being a child and leading a carefree life. All I would ever look forward to is watching the next episode of Rugrats and following my dream of being a professional ballerina in a pretty pink tutu. It’s so easy for a child to believe because they have not yet been bombarded with the incredible amounts of insecurity and dislike of being an adult. Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, and being the first woman President; these are all beliefs that fade out as a person realizes that such things are just fantasy. It is important to look to a child for hope and inspiration in believing that all things are possible, it is all in their laugh.

We all need to be reminded that to believe is to live. My dream for the future is what keeps me going and believing in hope gets me through downhill moments of this rollercoaster. It is easier to confide in the ugliness of the world rather than actually feeling something and noticing the beauty that is all around us. I believe that collecting the moments one by one is how the future is done.