I believe in Love

Allie - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on March 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in love.

It seems to me that love has gotten a bad reputation. It’s often thought of as corny, cliché, and common. The fact that 12 year olds constantly profess their love for their current boyfriend or girlfriend (which usually lasts for about three months) doesn’t help this negative view of love. Saying you’re in love often draws some odd looks, unless you’re married or engaged. Now I’m not claiming to know all about love, don’t mistake me. I just know enough to know that love is a very powerful thing and doesn’t deserve all the negative connotations that it receives. I want love to get its dignity back.

Love is more than just an emotion; there have been multiple studies in which scientists and psychologists have proven that love alters the brain. When in love, certain areas of the brain become more active, making you happier. Oppositely, when shown a picture of significant other that you are no longer with, physical pain areas of the brain become active. This suggests that love is more than an emotion. Dr. Brown of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York explains love as “a drive that’s based deep within our brains, right alongside our urges to find food and water.”

What amazes me is humanity’s wish to obtain it and preserve it. People go through a great deal for love. Recently in the news, the Illinois shooting was reported. A couple was sitting in the room in which it occurred and when the boy realized what was going on, he ran from the room. After a few minutes, he realized that his girlfriend was not behind him. Worried, he ran back to the room, hands and head bloodied from gunshots, to his girlfriend who had been paralyzed by fear. He risked his life to save hers. I became fascinated with this story; it gave me hope in the idea that love is as powerful as I believed it to be. If love did not motivate this, then I do not know what did. This dramatic event perfectly demonstrates the clarity of love’s necessity in the world and in human life.

I believe that love drives a person and changes them in ways that they do not realize. I see love as good and pure. It is an experience that causes both pain and happiness, yet the pain is often tolerated because the end product that love produces is well worth the struggle. When people attempt to use reason in the discussion of love, it just doesn’t work. Trying to explain something that is highly complex causes issues. Love should be experienced, not analyzed.

Maybe I’m just being a hopeless romantic, but I truly do believe in love. The sacrifices for love and its effect on people show to me its importance and power. Love is one of the most influential experiences in life and I believe that without it, life is just a little less great.