I Believe in the Value of Spending Some “alone time” Without Distraction.

Patricia - Sun Lakes, Arizona
Entered on March 3, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

It was a happy night and I was ready to go have fun at the party. Because I was fifteen, I didn’t have a driver’s license. I had to wait for a ride from some friends that planned to pick me up. I was ready well ahead of time. I wanted to look stunning. I constantly checked myself in the mirror to be sure everything looked just right. In between the inspections, I would make quick trips to the window to be sure my friends weren’t outside waiting for me.

Eventually, the scheduled pick up time had come and gone. “Why were they not here?” Tick tock the clock went ever so slowly. I checked the phone and I checked the doorbell. All were in working order. I, however, was going berserk inside with anxiety. I wondered, “Had they forgotten me?”

After a few endless hours of waiting by the window, I decided to put on my pajamas. It was over—all that fun at the party and I didn’t get to share in any of it.

That night I was forced to spend some “alone time”. I sat contemplating things in life. I thought about what was important to me and what was only important on the periphery of my life. I asked God “why” to so many questions. I had no distractions to upset the process that was unfolding before me.

I received no absolute answers that night. The answers came slowly, but indeed, they came. I learned that spending some time alone gave me the opportunity to put things in perspective and allowed me to ask myself questions that I normally wouldn’t have time to ask. No longer feeling disappointment, I felt courage and strength.

Now I am certain to spend some “alone time” each day on purpose. I do this in order to rejuvenate, to contemplate, and to ask God questions. I wait patiently for the answers. Sometimes answers come immediately. Sometimes the answers trickle in with time. Without alone time to ask pertinent questions, I wouldn’t be able to receive genuine answers that help me retain clarity in my mind, and balance with my life perspective.

The value of spending some “alone time” without distraction each day is priceless…and this I believe.