Tree Hugger?

Nicholas - Richmond Hill, Georgia
Entered on March 3, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Prologue: Yesterday, Saturday, visiting friends were on their way out the door, while I was on the phone. Call Waiting did its duty, but I was too busy. I *69-ed and then called back my Irish twin sister, who lives in Dallas.

She was quite frantic. Friday night she had come back home after a day’s work and a visit at a friend’s house. She lives in a quaint neighborhood in Irving. Saturday morning she awakened from a healthy night’s sleep. She opened her bedroom curtains, anxious to welcome a new day.

Someone had cut down the tree in her backyard! Come to find out: The people that live on the lot behind her backyard had cut it down on Friday. They want to start a garden in their backyard, but that tree’s shade covered too much of their backyard.

The 80 year old couple had someone jump the fence onto her property, cut down the tree, leaving a 5 foot high stump. A tree that fed Irving with fresh air, cooled her house and blocked views between homes, was gone. The rest of the tree was piled on their front yard (‘backyard’ is one word, ‘front yard’ is two… interesting.), awaiting city pick-up.

The woman told my sister that she could have all the fresh cucumbers she wanted. I again joined her in her shock. I told her to call the police. She was weary of that, thinking people, that ‘talk’, would not understand her being a ‘tree hugger.’ She already has enough to deal with. I told her, ‘Are you crazy.’

I called her back this afternoon; she said she might have to call back because the police were talking with the neighbors at the time. After regaining her calm overnight she had called the police. They had arrived in ten minutes, and were flabbergasted when she showed them her backyard.

She called me back after they left. The couple has agreed to replace the tree. (It is possible to transplant large trees.)

Epilogue: They would like to tell her where she can plant the tree…