Steroids and Baseball

Nathan - Orchard Park, New York
Entered on March 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The issue of steroids in baseball is a topic that has been debated rigorously for the past few years. Many believe that anyone who has been found guilty of using steroids should be banished from the game and any records they many possess erased from the records. Personally I have mixed feelings on the touchy subject.

I have a skin disease called Morphia that eats away at my muscle tissue in my body. Muscle tissue is what builds new muscle in your body therefore without it, it would be very hard to become stronger and gain more muscle. This has plagued my body since the age of four. My doctors do not know the cause of this disease but they do have a couple of ways to treat it. One of the ways is to use steroids to help the remaining muscle tissue build muscle faster. Now I like many people play baseball and if I were to use steroids this would have a very negative impact probably leading to criticism. If I were to use steroids it would be looked upon negatively. Even though this would help me astronomically in muscle development I have chosen not to take them for this reason.

The use of steroids is wrong especially if you are looking to gain an edge on your opponent. I have learned at a very young age that you may not be the best at what you do but if you passionately love that and give it your all there is nothing that can stop you in your success. Honestly I used to feel sorry for myself I would use the excuse that I am not strong enough or fast enough to do something but now that I have matured I work out everyday and with a lot of hard work and sweat I’ve become just as strong as anyone my age.

The point of my believe submission is to spread the point of never giving up on what you love. You will be tempted to use the easy way out from time to time but if you stay strong you will prevail in the end and come out on top. As in the case of steroids that would be the easy way out for many athletes but it is the wrong way and to use them in other then medical means is not right in my opinion.