Aron - wichita, Kansas
Entered on March 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

American journalist Bill Moyer once said, “Ideas are great arrows, but there has to be a bow. And politics is the bow of idealism.” I strongly believe in Bill Moyer’s assessment of what politics means and because of that I believe in politics. Politics to me is the best way to not necessarily be idealistic, but exemplify the ideas of the people, who matter most. Movements begin with people and politics makes the movements part of society.

Although, politics wasn’t always on my list of beliefs had I been asked to write this essay a year ago I probably would have believed in engineering. From about the age of four I had the idea that engineering was the best thing for me. I marveled over the designs of planes, cars, architecture and everything in between. I spent hours upon hours, many allowances and birthday and Christmas wishes on various construction kits such as Lego’s and K’Nex. In fact, still to this day I marvel over designs and pester my younger brother until he lets me play with his Lego’s. Engineering to me is a profession of innovation and change. It gave me the hopes and reams to change the world with my designs. Yet, I was plagued with one downfall, radicalism. I constantly overestimated my ability, the tools I possessed and the willingness of others to accept my designs. I thought of things that couldn’t be done, and it angered me that I couldn’t finish my goal, which is a pet peeve of mine. More than anything I wanted to see my change to the full extent I envisioned it, unfortunately I felt engineering couldn’t ensure that. About a year ago a series of events occurred which changed not only my perspective on what I wanted to be, but also on the world and how I can change it. As I entered my high school’s debate and forensics programs I became well more endowed in past and current issues and ways upon solving them. Over time established a passion for the needs of things, people and solvency. In a similar way I wanted to change the world concerning my designs, I instead wanted to enable the people of the world to live better and enable people who radically designed as I did to be able to see their dreams become reality. Politicians like Al Gore, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Linden Johnson and Barack Obama showed me the power of politics. It could do anything ranging from inspiring the masses, landing on the moon, ending slavery or establishing civil rights. Most importantly it showed me that the ideas of the people had a chance of becoming a reality to the world. I personally am just a fraction of what the world has to offer, but with politics I can be something larger. I can be more than myself; I can be a person of change, inspiration and hope and bring the ideas of the people to the rest of the world.

Politics enables me to gain new perspectives of the world and how to play my part in helping those in need. To me the greatest satisfaction and change possible comes from politics. Politics has the ability to bring hope to peoples eyes and enable people to live what they hope for. It’s for this reason that I believe in politics.