Family and Friends Equal Support

Emilio - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on March 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Emilio G Jr.

Mrs. Fry

I.B. English 3

1 March 2008

Family and Friends Equal Support

I believe in family. However, I don’t mean family in the traditional sense, parents with their children. By family, I mean both the entire family along with friends.

From the time that I am writing this essay, March 4th will be in the near future. I mention March 4th because on that date in 2004, my family received a phone call informing them that my aunt died from diabetes during the night. Custom dictates that when a close family member dies, one must arrange the funeral and other necessary details, so by midday my family and I were driving to the airport on our way to my parents’ hometown. By morning the next day, we arrived waiting to conduct the funeral later that day. When the time arrived to go to the church, people for all over the town, both friends and family, came to escort my family and I to the church. The sight amazed me, having these people experiencing the same exact emotions as my family and I. People whom I have never seen came to express their condolences and say their goodbyes. In fact, I remember first meeting one of my uncles from Vera Cruz, though my mother says otherwise.

The church overflowed with the people that escorted us. After the service, I remember arriving at the cemetery and witnessing the same sight I observed at the church. After the burial, everybody headed off to my house to continue with the ceremony with a rosary. What I witnessed continued at my house. Looking at the people attending the rosary, the number of them was astounding. They barely fit into the living room, even though the living room was a large room. This same sight continued for the next nine days, as dictated by custom.

My awakening finalized at the house during one of those nine days of prayer. I realized that I, my family, that we were not alone. Though this might seem obvious to some people, it took me twelve years to learn it. Now that I look back, the lesson was always there, staring me in the face. “I am not alone,” I couldn’t believe it, so clear. The result became me knowing that someone whom you can rely on is always there. Someone is always there to help you with the difficulties of life. They are always there to guide you and share their knowledge and experience. This person can be a family member or a friend. The point is that someone is always there. This lesson has only been reinforced by later visits to my parents’ hometown. I thank my aunt for this gift that she indirectly gave me.

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