A Job Well Done is One Full of Fun

Nathan - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on March 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Something that’s important to me is pursuing excellence in everything I do. But I believe not only in doing a good job, but also in having fun along the way. More than likely, my devotion to excellence has its beginnings in my elementary school’s motto, “Nothing less than our best.” This creed sticks with me even now, as I attend East High School. There I have met many of the people who have helped mold me into who I am today, including my excellent teachers.

One teacher that has had a particularly profound effect on me is Mr. Reimer. He was my Precalc/Trig teacher last year and is my AP Calc teacher this year. His enthusiasm for teaching is evident each and every day. He’s approachable and helpful, often spending time before school, during lunch, and after school helping students. His desk is covered with pictures of old students who have graduated, which shows how much he truly cares for them as people. Besides being so thoughtful, he’s also fun to be around, in that he peppers his teaching with jokes. He doesn’t even see teaching as work: his way of starting a lesson is by saying, “Let’s play.” And he stamps completed homework assignments with hearts that say, “I love math.” Indeed he does.

In addition to having a cheery personality, Mr. Reimer is a skilled, hardworking teacher. He’s incredibly well versed in math and always seems prepared to answer any question. He gives his students daily quizzes to make sure they keep up with the material. He’s even worked every problem in the Calc book, just in case. What’s more, he has compiled notebooks of past AP and IB test questions to lend to his students so they can get sufficient practice before the tests. And, needless to say, his students score phenomenally well on AP and IB exams.

I’m extremely glad that I’m of Mr. Reimer’s students. He makes math fun, and his enthusiasm has inspired me to become a math teacher too. I hope that one day I can teach with the same excellence he does. His influence certainly shapes my belief in doing what you enjoy and doing it well.