What I Believe

Elizabeth - brooklyn, New York
Entered on March 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

What I Believe

Elizabeth P

My main philosophy about life is, “honesty is the best policy”.

A few years back I was at my best friend’s birthday party. Because there were so many people there, it was impossible to escape drama all night. As my predictions forecast, at about 10pm, I heard a shriek; someone had spilled juice all over my friend Gabby’s expensive bag. After she grew tired of screaming, my friend began interrogating everyone at the party about her bag. She asked Sandy, who was one of her best friends, and asked her: “Have you been sitting here all night? Have you seen anyone with fruit punch around here?” Sandy answered: “Oh, I was sitting here but I wasn’t really paying attention…sorry.”

After about an hour of thorough investigating, not remembering who she asked and who she did not, Gabby came upon Sandy—again. Sandy, caught by surprise, having forgotten her original alibi, told Gabby that she had only got there an hour earlier, and saw nothing. Gabby noticed this change of story and saw this as an opportunity to find out information. “Where were you before 10?” Sandy answered, “Oh I was hanging out with Anna.” Gabby didn’t know what to do; she had discovered that her friend was a liar.

Earlier that day, Anna had called Gabby to tell her that she could not go to the party because she was sick. Gabby had been friends with Anna for as long as she remembered and always believed what she said. Thus, Gabby had believed her excuse of being ill and went to the party herself. Now it turned out that her two best friends, with who she had been inseparable, since 2nd grade, were hanging out without her behind her back and lying to her. Gabby confronted her two friends and a huge fight evolved from the tiny fib that Anna had told and Sandy had let out. Now, three years later, the former best friends barely look at each other.

I, having witnessed it all, have come to believe that it is much easier to just tell the truth. If you lie, even if you are trying to cover for a friend, chances are you are going to forget the lie you have told and get yourself deeper into trouble than you would’ve been in if you just told the truth. Honesty is the best policy, and this is what I believe.