Evan - louisville, Kentucky
Entered on March 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

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Evan W

Mrs. Metcalfe

H English-A

11 February 2008


As I have journeyed through my life and my personal experiences, I have formed many beliefs and opinions about things. If I had one belief set ahead of the others and behind my core values as a Catholic, I would have to say that it is my conviction that we should enjoy God’s gifts of creation. I believe that God set in motion the ongoing process of creation and that he wants people to enjoy all of it.

I find the most beautiful part of our world to be nature. Nature’s beauty has inspired many people to form beliefs and ideas. Not is it only appealing to the eyes, but to most of our other senses as well. Environment, I believe, was God’s gift to mankind to cherish and enjoy. Nature’s beauty has the power to take our breath away and give us a sense of comfort. I think that the comfort one might feel is the sense that there is a higher power. There is also a certain calming affect that nature can have on people. Often in times of trouble or despair, people will look to pictures of nature to find reason to believe that there is really a God.

Over the summer before entering my freshman year in high school, I had the opportunity to go to a camp in northern Minnesota. I spent four weeks in the wilderness appreciating some of the world’s most beautiful nature. It was during the time I spent there that I came to develop my beliefs in God’s creations and how we should appreciate them. I would spend long periods of time outside, and it was during this time when I

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would feel much closer to God and all of his creations. My experiences at camp changed my outlook on my life and how to live in general.

I believe that God’s goal of creating such beautiful parts of nature was for the enjoyment of humans. He wanted to give us the beauty of nature as a gift that we can use for inspiration, guidance, and understanding.