The Four Letter Word

Nino - Brooklyn, New York
Entered on March 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in love, of three different kinds.

Family love. There is no one who knows me better than they do. As much as I may argue with my sister about who gets the first piece of cake, whose turn it is on the computer, who made the mess and has to clean it up, or who borrowed clothes without asking, I know that we can always count on each other. “I let you wear my leggings and you thank me by ruining them What’s wrong with you?”I yelled at my sister the other day. “They were ugly anyways ….umm, do you want some candy?” she responded; and we couldn’t keep a straight face for one more second. But as much as I love my sister, no one in the world means more to me than my mother. I know that she is the only one who will tell me the truth, criticize me, lecture me, set rules, and care for me, all at the same time. After my dad passed away, my mom was the only parent I had left. My mom, my sister, and I loved my dad immensely, and it was very hard for us to accept his death, although it brought us closer. Knowing how hard it is for my mom to raise both my sister and me alone, I try to give her a hand whenever possible. Family love is everlasting.

Friends. Finding friends that you can trust with your personal information and secrets is hard. Luckily, I have those people that I can count on when I’m having a bad day, my best friends. We can spend nights eating junk food, watching tv, going out and about, talking about boys, taking pictures, arguing, playing dress up, partying, or doing absolutely nothing, and we’ll have the best time ever. Last summer I remember getting a phone call from one of my best friends. I picked up my phone saying “Hey ” and hysterically crying she answered, “I got into the biggest trouble with my parents and I’m not allowed to go out or talk to anyone…” As I began to understand what had happened, I tried my best to comfort her as much as I could, saying “It’ll be fine, don’t worry, just give it some time.” Knowing that someday in the future, she’ll be there for me in all ears. Love of friends is very valuable.

Special somebody. Maybe not now, but someday I do believe that I will find my own fairy tale with a prince charming, although it is a cliché. I think that my parents played a big role in giving me this image of love. Before my dad passed away, I could sense the love that my parents had for one another. They were always happy and barely ever fought, from what I remember. As I sit on the couch watching an old home video from my moms birthday, my dad surprises her with a set of beautiful diamond earrings. Everyone surrounding the table gasps with awe, as my mom was ready to cry from such an unexpected love of affection. And just like my parents, I want to find someone that will give me both family and friend love. Family and friend love is wonderful.

I believe in love.