i believe in storytelling

sarah - new york, New York
Entered on March 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

i believe

i believe

i believe in the power of the composer

the freethinking proposer

of openhearted rhyme.

the blank-verse relater of the time-

honored tradition of the story.

around the midnight fire blazing red alive in the


of a million



relating tales of won love, lost wars

and women with exotic names.

or chilling on the stoop

doing a play-by-play of yesterday’s hoops:

chronic versus matanuska thunderfuck.

upping the volume when the pimped-out truck

with the fly chrome rims

and the boy in timbs

rolls by.

and i believe this


in the class that lives by tips

trying to believe i’m not vanishing

bit by bit

as the business man in the grey suit in the

corner licks his lips

and imagines what it’s like to go slumming with me.

hell no, motherfucker; i may be poor, but my spirit is free

and there aren’t enough bills in your fold

(shaped like a playboy bunny and plated in gold)

to buy me.

belief is invaluable: it has no IPC,

price tag, or bar code.

and the truth of my theorum is infallible:

that my freedom lies in integrity

to the beautiful miracle force

that put me

alive and dreaming onto this course

of fight and flight;

of an everyday war against mediocrity where my insight

is not to become complacent or jaded

but to raise the bar on a life where might

is undeniably wrong

and only the poet warriors who flow is strong

in words of inspiration

and one-love


of the space between you and i and where we overlap

can battle—throw down gauntlets like a medieval glove

to hash out how best to make us work as one

hegelian dialectics to make a determination

of how to survive when we’ve all done

finding our voices and identities without


of anything vital to anyone’s spirit.

and yet come together—sing a song

for all to hear it:

we are free and we are strong

and i believe,

not in this dream—in this reality.

i believe.

i believe.