Real vs. Belief

Papa - Belleville, Michigan
Entered on March 2, 2008
Age Group: 65+

For me, there is the REAL and the BELIEFE. Both of these ideas mesh with my mind.

The REAL is what we have been trying to find over the centuries. We will try to find out more over the future centuries. Sometimes, we actually know what we have found. Sometimes, we still are not sure about it still. But, we are still looking ahead for new knowledge that will keep us trying. It will never stop! That is how the human is.

The BELIEFE is what we have in each of our minds. Sometimes, there is a mixture of real vs. belief in each of us. Sometimes, we are not sure about the real vs. the belief. Sometimes, we decide to let others show there way. Sometimes, we decide to go our own path. At the end of each of our lives, only each of us will find out.